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  • Help energise your Hens with Henergise

    Our Henergise poultry treat will give your poultry a healthy and balanced treat as a supplement to their normal feeds. Formulated using a variety of seeds, pulses, fruits and mineral grits, Henergise has everything to keep your birds content and interested in their feed.

    henWith a generous inclusion of Sunflower Hearts and Sunflower Seeds, which are known to be high in Omega 3 and Omega 6, Henergise is high in healthy oils and therefore energy. This helps give an energy boost to your birds which will aid their general condition and egg production. Oyster Shell and Flint Grit help maintain calcium levels and digestive ability. Other ingredients include Kibbled Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Kibbled Peas, Red Dari, and Raisins

    Henergise can be fed as either a scratch feed or in a separate feeder. Feed as a treat in the afternoon ( allowing for normal feed intake earlier in the day ) and allow 30grams per bird.

    Available as either a handy 5kg bag or a larger 20kg bag

    Gain all the above benefits and relieve boredom, stress, bullying and feather pecking with our new –

    Henergise Pecking Block – Simply hang the block in you poultry run and the hens will peck away keeping them contented all day.

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