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  • Correcting your soil pH could have a significant effect on crop yield and quality

    Whatever crop you are producing, effectively managing the pH of your soil is essential to producing good quality and yield.

    The availability of nutrients to the plant – or, the ability of the plant to absorb these nutrients – changes as soil pH changes. If soil pH is not managed and maintained at the correct levels, nutrients from fertilizer are being wasted. If your pH is too low it could significantly affect crop growth and, ultimately, yield.

    Glasson Fertilizers recommends Calcifert Granulated Lime as the best way to effectively manage your soil pH. The benefits of Calcifert Lime versus traditional agricultural lime include:

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    Don’t know your pH? Glasson Fertilizers offers a comprehensive soil analysis service, including sampling and advice from one of our FACTS qualified advisors. Our basic test provides pH, P, K, Sulphur and Calcium. Call 01524 753600 to discuss your requirements.

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