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    Calcifert Granulated Lime is changing the way farmers balance their soil pH

    Monitoring the pH level of soil and balancing acidity is key to improving crop performance, with low soil pH levels being one of the key inhibitors of growth and yields.

    Increasing numbers of farmers are switching to CalcifertĀ granulated lime, which is designed to help reduce soil acidity in a quick, easy and cost effective way.

    One of the biggest benefits of using Calcifert lime is that it can be self-applied using conventional fertiliser spreaders. And by not having to rely on specialist liming contractors, businesses are able to save money and gain a greater level of flexibility over when they carry out spreading. It also avoids heavy machinery causing compaction to fields and allows use of existing tramlines.

    Calcifert Specification

    Calcifert Lime hands edit3Calcifert granulated lime is made up of finely ground limestone that is combined with an organic binder to form a granule of between 2mm and 5mm. Each granule has a Calcium (Ca) content of 39% and will start to break down as soon as it comes into contact with moisture, meaning a fast reaction in soil and quick pH adjustment

    The effectiveness of a liming material is dependent on two factors the NV and most importantly the fineness of the material. While the NV is a measure of the capability of lime to neutralise acidity, the fineness drives the reactivity and therefore the speed at which the neutralising effect occurs. Calcifert Lime has an NV of 54 but most importantly, a reactivity of 97%.

    With the ability to spread granulated lime in a more precise, targeted manner and with a high neutralising value, and product purity, application rates of Calcifert are much lower compared to conventional agricultural lime.

    For example, a grower wanting to lift the pH for an area of light loam, arable land from pH 5.8 to a target of pH 6.5, would need to apply 4.9 tonnes of ag lime per hectare compared to just 525kg of Calcifert Lime. This lower application rate can result in financial savings, as well as the advantage of getting your soil in the right condition much faster.

    So whether you are looking to improve you grassland, cereal crops, fruit or vegetables, investigating the use of granulated lime to redress your soil acidity problems could prove to be a cost effective and efficient means of doing so.

    Visit www.calcifert.co.uk for spreader settings, application rates and other information about the Calcifert product range.

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    Calcifert Documentation

    Technical Specification
    Calcifert Lime Spec Sheet PDF

    Material Safety Data Sheet
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