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    Our primary imported Ammonium Nitrate product – Pulan – is perfect for use throughout the fertiliser season. Pulan is used in agriculture as a mineral fertilisepulan-bagr which is obtained by neutralization of nitric acid with ammonia. The fertiliser is manufactured in the form of white or light cream prills. It is a strong chemical reactant, very hydroscopic and water soluble. It should be protected from moisture and overheating – see our 5 Point Plan for safely securing your nitrogen fertiliser below, for more information.

    Pulan has been tested to spread to bouts of 24 metres as accurately as any prilled Ammonium Nitrate on the market. The product contains additives such as magnesium nitrates, and is finished with an anticaking agent which protects it 100% from caking. The main benefits of Pulan include:

    Pulan Documentation

    Technical Specification
    PULAN Technical Specification PDF

    Product Safety Data Sheet
    Product Safety Data Sheet PDF

    Spreader Testing
    Amazone Zam Ultra Pulan 24m PDF

    Secure Your Nitrogen Fertilizer Safely

    5 Point Plan

    1. Wherever possible use a Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) approved supplier.
    2. Wherever possible keep in a secure area such as a building or sheeted away from public views.
    3. Carry out regular stock checks and report any loss to the Police immediately (call 101)
    4. Avoid leaving fertiliser in a field overnight – never leave fertiliser in the field for a long period of time.
    5. Remember it is illegal to sell ammonium nitrate without the correct documentation.

    To see the full 5 Point Plan, click here to view the PDF.

    Zaksan® 32%N

    Glasson Fertilizers are delighted to introduce Zaksan® to the UK agricultural market. The granular 32%N product – which will be available via Glasson Fertilizers in the near future – is manufactured in Poland by Grupa Azoty and will provide an alternative source of Ammonium Nitrate to the UK agricultural industry.

    So, why choose Zaksan®? The main benefits of Zaksan® include:

    For more information on Zaksan® please click here.