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  • Glasson Dock, a Trust Port under the authority of the Lancaster Port Commission, is a long established port dating back to it’s opening in the 1780’s. Now in the 21st Century the port still thrives, and it’s from here that we operate our Port Services Division.

    We handle vessels of 3500 – 4000 DWAT through the dock and have a range of cranes suitable for both bulk and general cargo discharge / loading.  Substantial areas of covered warehousing and outdoor quayside storage are available together with forwarding and transport facilities. Glasson Shipping services are able to provide a full ships agency service and vessel chartering services if required.

    We act as both stock receivers and stevedores for Mezeron shipping who are based on the Isle of Man and operate a regular weekly service form Glasson Dock to the island. For further information on this service please access the Mezeron webite using the link: www.mezeron.com

    Glasson Dock – Facts & Figures

    Tidal with 15 metre wide gates for the inner dock, access with Pilot.

    Max Vessel Size
    3500 – 4000 DWAT, up to 92 metre length, 14 metre beam.

    2 NAABSA berths for vessels up to 92 metres in length.
    2 berths in inner dock for vessels up to 84 metres in length.

    125,000 sq ft of undercover warehousing on or adjacent to the quayside.
    Quayside stockpiling facilities for bulk cargoes.

    IHI, Hitachi, Atlas cranes.
    Handling facilities for bulk, general and container cargo.
    4 fifty tonne weighbridges on site.

    Packing Facilities
    Bags from 10kg to 1000kg big bags.

    For further information, please contact our Operations Manager, Adrian Nutter on 01524 752200 or via email at adrian.nutter@glassongrain.co.uk.